Trafag - SF6 Gas Density Sensor 8774

  • Continuous measurement of density and temperature
  • Output signal free from long term drift
  • Maintenance free
  • Vibration and shock proof
  • Response time <10ms (with density changes)

SF6 Gas Density Sensor 8774

With analog and PWM output signals

The Trafag SF6 gas density sensor type 8774 is specifically designed for monitoring insulation gases.

The gas density is measured with an oscillating quartz with excellent long-term stability. The constant resonant frequency of a quartz oscillator under vacuum is compared with the resonant frequency of an identical quartz situated in the sample gas. The difference in the resonant frequency is proportional to the density of the sample gas. With the digital output the temperature can be measured over the pulse width of the frequency signal.

Technical data

Application High voltages switchgear
Technology sensor Oscillating quartz
Measuring range Absolute: 0 … 60 kg/m3 (10…253 Hz)
Output analog 6.5…20 mA
Output digital PWM
Temperature range permanent -40°C … +70°C
Temperature range peak -55°C … +70°C
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