ATEX-approved products

We continuously meet the rising expectations in respect of safety and reliability of our products.

These products provide reliable functionality in various hazardous zones with ATEX and in many cases also IECEx certification.

Ex-Product lines for pressure and temperature control
Trafag offers a wide range of EX-, ATEX- and IECEx approved products for pressure and temperature monitoring. These products provide reliable functionality in various hazardous zones, with a guaranteed safety operation. In addition to both CE and ATEX-conformance, Trafag products are also extremely fail-safe.

Pressure transmitters
Trafag‘s pressure transmitters have proven their robustness many years in field with an excellent long term stability thanks to the Thin -film on steel technology.

Pressure switches
Trafag‘s mechanical pressure switches offer high vibration resistance and switchpoint accuracy in combination with an extraordinary rugged design for years of maintenance-free operation in rough conditions. Different sensors based on bellow, membrane and piston principle cover a wide range of pressure ranges, media and load cycle profiles.

For 70 years Trafag thermostats have proven their robustness in order to withstand the most adverse environmental conditions. Industry usage ranges from air conditioning applications to engine and ship manufacturing and even to offshore oil and gas platform production. The appeal of Trafag thermostats lies in their high switching point precision even after decades of operation under harsh conditions without maintenance.

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