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Temperature Gauges

Regal Components offer thermometers from our partners Trafag and Suchy.

Industrial Thermometers for Various Applications

Industrial thermometers for various applications in accordance with the EN 13190 standard.

We offer a variety of mechanical thermometers and temperature gauges that feature switch outputs. Our selection includes a wide range of sizes, temperature ranges, IP ratings, and process connections.

We also provide ATEX-compliant temperature gauges and instruments with zero-point adjustment, among other solutions tailored to specific requirements. Customized dial designs and other bespoke solutions are available upon request.

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Product Code: TMT501-502
Technology: Bimetal
Measuring Range: -80…0 °C to 0…600 °C
Application: General purpose, ATEX etc.

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Product Code: TMT701-703
Technology: Inert gas filled
Measuring Range: -200…0 °C to 0…700 °C
Application: Extrem temperatures, remote sensing, electric switch, ATEX etc.

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Product Code: TG-32 & TG-37
Technology: Inert gas filled
Measuring Range: -50…50 °C to 100…600 °C
Application: Industrial use, remote sensing, hvac.

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Product Code: TM-20 & TM-25
Technology: Glas capillary
Measuring Range: -30…50 °C to 0…200 °C
Application: Machinery, industrial use, hvac.

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