ATEX-approved pressure sensors

The ATEX pressure transmitters are based on Trafag’s own sensor technologies, thin-film-on-steel and thick-film-on-ceramic as well as complementary high-end piezoresistive sensors for special applications.

Thin-film-on-steel sensors have excellent long-term stability and high pressure and temperature ranges. Thick-film-on-ceramic are suitable for corrosive or/and chemical media where steel sensors are not compatible. Piezoresistive sensors are used in special cases with low pressure.

The vast portfolio of options and features allows a perfect fit for a wide range of demands, such as type approval for shipbuilding, hydrogen compatible sensor, level measurement and many more.

Measuring range: 0…0.4 to 0…2000 bar
Pressure connection: G1/4”, G1/2”,1/4” NPT, et al.
Sensor technology: Thin film on steel
Output: 4…20mA

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