Regamotion® Electric Drive System

  • Complete system design
  • Optimized for the application
  • Robust components for outdoor or indoor use

Regamotion® Electric Drive System

Working with Regamotion® is a shortcut to best practice. By tapping into our experience, gained from years of working with the best customers and suppliers, you will end up with a robust and efficient product while minimizing your time to market.

We design and optimize e-mobility systems for your specific needs. Today’s applications often involve material handling, agriculture and forestry, construction machinery, and smaller electric vehicles, but we are always up for new challenges.

Our network consists of selected component suppliers that are considered the best in the business. Together, we offer you a reliable single supplier interface for world-class system solutions.

Outdoor Applications

For outdoor applications, we design systems exclusively using rugged components designed for heavy use, with high IP protection and compact design. We specialize in motors with PMAC technology for high efficiency and small footprint, and offer seamless system integration using motor controllers with Automotive SPICE® and ISO13849-1 compliant firmware. Vehicle communication is handled through standard CANopen and J1939, or customized to your requirements. Li-ion battery packs with a complete control system optimized for system-specific needs, ensuring safety and reliability. 

Inside the Factory

We provide solutions for indoor AGVs and other equipment in material handling, with drive units in vertical or motor-in-wheel designs for wheel loads between 200-4200 kg. Complete units include a motor, gear, and wheel as well as motor controller for AC/PM drive units.

Technical Data

Power < 50 kW per motor
Battery voltage: 24-96 V
Safety: ISO13849-1 and Automotive SPICE®
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Customize Your Solution

System Options

  • Asynchronous (induction) and synchronous (permanent magnet) motors.
  • Compact pancake motors.
  • Customized battery pack.
  • Customized CANopen control system with ISO13849-1 compliant design.
  • Motor-in-wheel drive units.

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