Regamotion® Electrified hydraulics

  • Battery electric power take off, ePTO
  • Vehicle / CAN integration
  • Embedded motor control software
  • Load sensing

Regamotion® Electrified Hydraulics

Regamotion provides battery electric power for on-board hydraulics.

We have a long history of fulfilling demanding requirements on controllability and user experience when developing solutions for material handling and other machinery.

A typical Regamotion electrified hydraulic solution is based on a rugged variable speed controller with an embedded pump firmware together with a motor designed specifically for use in electric vehicles.

In addition to hydraulic systems and sub-systems, we offer complete stand-alone solutions, so called power packs, for fully electric drive of loader cranes, refuse compactors or other on-board equipment.

With a battery electric power pack on-board, the diesel engine can be switch off instead of idling at the work site which drastically reduces the noise level and combustion emissions. The electric pump is also optimized to only run when needed and the speed of the electric motor will be adjusted to the actual load on the system.

Minimizing idling and low-load operation for heavy vehicles is beneficial for both the global and our local environment. Lower noise levels contribute to less noise pollution in urban and other sensitive areas and makes it easier to communicate and keep attention to the surroundings.

Read more about our electric drive components used in our systems: Component Product Pages

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Technical data

Battery Voltage 24-96 V
Pump Power 0.5-50 kW
Motor PMAC or AC induction
Feedback Cylinder position, pressure, etc.
Valve Control PWM, current or voltage PID
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