E mobility for electric vehicles - Regamotion®

  • Full or mild hybrid
  • Seamless intergration
  • Stage V Friendly
  • Compact PMAC technology

Regamotion® Power assist hybrid

Regamotion Power assist hybrid is a complete solution for hybrid propulsion. The main components of a Power assist hybrid are the battery pack, an electric motor/generator and a sophisticated control system.

An efficient PMAC motor mounts directly to the combustion engine, in a so called P1 or P2 hybrid architecture, with or without a clutch. Different machines will require different control strategies, and the hybrid control system is flexible enough to meet most application needs.

Seamless: One typical use case for the system is 48V Mild hybrid where the system automatically will add electric power when needed during peak loads and recharge the batteries in between. Thanks to the instantaneous torque and power response of the electric motor this solution provides an excellent operator experience.

Full or Mild hybrid:  The system can be tailored to other specific needs. An added clutch between the combustion engine and motor allows for fully electric drive inside buildings or other emission restricted areas. Increasing the size of the battery allows for a plug-in hybrid strategy which drastically decreases the fuel consumption of the machine.

In some cases, the battery does not have to power the propulsion of the vehicle at all. Instead, auxiliary functions that are traditionally powered by the combustion engine through hydraulics or mechanically, can be replaced by electric counterparts with higher efficiency that only run on-demand. 

Stage V Friendly: The intermittent duty cycles that are common for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) are not ideal for the aftertreatment equipment needed today, such as DPF and SCR. Downsizing the engine and adding a hybrid system allows the aftertreatment equipment to operate in a more beneficial way. Downsizing below 19 kW removes the need for DPF altogether. In many cases this is possible for machines that today use engines up to 35 kW.

Technical data

Nominal Power 24 kW
Peak Power 57 kW
Nominal Voltage 24-96 V
Motor Interface SAE #5
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Further options

Other motor interface on request.

SAE J744 hydraulic pump interface on rear cover.

Customized battery pack.

Option to eliminate separate starter motor to the engine.

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“Combining the stamina of the diesel engine with the torque and responsiveness of electric power. The best of two worlds.”

Emil Vestman
Lead engineer

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