Position sensors

Regal has a wide range of position sensors suitable for a variety of applications. We have categorized them in three sensor categories.

Our position sensors are used in a wide variety of applications and are categorized as cylinder sensors, linear sensors, and rotary sensors.

Cylinder sensors are linear position sensors designed to be mounted inside pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Our cylinder sensors are based on different sensor technologies such as potentiometer, inductive or magnetostrictive to ensure best fit for various applications.

Linear position sensors with a wide range of design options ranging from small and compact too heavy-duty. Our linear sensors are based on potentiometer, magnetostrictive or hall-effect technology.

Rotary sensors based on potentiometer or hall effect sensor technology. Options for absolute sensors, multiturn sensors and incremental rotary encoder.

Our selection of position sensors is branded with Regasense® and Regal sensor solutions:

Regasense® is the trademark of sensors designed by Regal Components. Some Regasense® sensors can be found on our product pages, but many are developed as custom solutions for different customers. With in-house product development and production, we have the capability to design and manufacture custom design sensors and transducers.

Read more about Regasense®: Brand-page

The products under Regal sensor solutions are designed and manufactured by partner companies where we offer various degrees of add-ons such as cable assemblies, programing, custom mechanics, or other services.

Case articulated steering

Articulated vehicles have a pivot joint in its design, enabling the front of the vehicle to turn relative to the rear. Articulated vehicles are more agile and easier to maneuver, making them ideal for small spaces, where precision is necessary and for increased safety and comfort for the operator. The agile steering also enables the rear wheels to follow the path of the front wheels, with less soil damage as a result, a common requirement for forestry and agricultural machinery.

To control the movement of front and rear are position feedback signals necessary, this can be solved with different position sensors and designs.

A very robust and reliable sensor solution is to use cylinder sensors in the hydraulic cylinders that connect the front and rear of the vehicle. An alternative solution is to place an angular sensor in the joint between the front and rear, this is practical in vehicle-trailer combinations where there are no hydraulic cylinders connecting the two.

“Right sensor in the right place, we have long experience of custom design sensor development to get the best positioning solution for each application.”

Olle Lindkvist
Position sensors

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