Trafag - SF6 Gas Density Monitor 8719

  • Large dial for easy readability
  • Up to five galvanically separated circuits
  • Exact switching output at all temperatures
  • Fully temperature compensated
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Maintenance-free

SF6 Gas Density Monitor 8719

Trafag’s SF6 gas density monitors employ a unique reference principle for gas density. This technique is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, and the robust design prevents incorrect switching (contact bouncing) caused by vibrations or shocks.

SF6 Gas Density Monitor 8719 is accurate, dependable, and require no maintenance. It is designed to monitor the density of SF6 as well as a broad range of alternative gases. The monitoring process employs a gas density reference chamber principle, delivering the most trustworthy solution on the market by directly observing the density of the insulating gas.

Compliant with SF6 and full spectrum of alternative mixed insulation gases.

The SF6 Gas Density Monitors range also includes 

Technical Data

Application High voltage technology, Medium voltage technology
Technology Absolute presssure reference gas measuring system
Measuring Range 0 … 1300 kPa abs. @ 20°C
Output Floating change-over contact (SPDT)
Switchpoints 1 … 5 microswitches*
Dial 75 mm, scale and units selectable
Temperature Range -40°C … +80°C

* The 5th switch on request 

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