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T-T Electric

Founded in 1894 T-T Electric is one of the most experienced and established experts on industrial motors.

We strive for simplicity with smarter technical solutions within the areas of sensor solutions and e-mobility. You rarely see our products, our technology is embedded in machines and vehicles. Our solutions are used in applications that face demanding challenges every day and for many years such as outdoor environment during all seasons, withstanding vibrations, shocks, moisture and temperature changes. It is critical that our products are safe, effective, user friendly and profitable for all parties. A challenge we gladly embrace.

T-T Electric

T-T Electric is a well-recognized manufacturer of industrial DC motors and AC motors. Founded in 1894 T-T Electric is one of the most experienced and established experts on industrial motors and promise high quality and flexibility with short lead times.

The cooperation between T-T Electric and Regal Components predates the start of Regal Components AB. Our founder Anders Jonsson started working with T-T Electric DC motors in 1976, then known under the trademark Thrige-Titan, a part of ASEA. In 1982 an independent Swedish Thrige-Titan was founded by Anders Jonsson and in 1998 Swedish Thrige-Titan and Regal Components AB merged, and Regal Components still hold the brand TT Thrige Electric in Sweden. Our long experience with DC motors makes us one of the few experts still in business with industrial DC motors.

The DC motors can be customized to replace old motors from most other brands such as ASEA DC motors and ABB DC motor, Siemens DC motor etc. There is also a range of standard off shelf solutions for expedited delivery.

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