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Regamotion E-mobility

Regamotion® offers e-mobility solutions for full electric propulsion, hybrid systems and battery powered electrified hydraulic systems.

Regamotion® is the trademark under which we collect all our products and systems for e-mobility. We have been working with electric drive systems for industrial vehicles for more than 30 years.

Full electric drive systems are often used in various autonomous or remote-controlled vehicles such as AGV, agricultural machinery, construction and demolition machinery etc. The traditional use of drive units for indoor AGV’s is one part of Regamotion® and we also work with the new generation of electric outdoor machinery and vehicles.

Mild hybrid systems, also called Power assist hybrids seamlessly add electric power to the combustion engine. By using Power assist hybrid you can use a smaller diesel engine for the average workload and add electric power for peak loads. A perfect solution for industrial vehicles with intermittent duty cycles.

Battery powered electrified hydraulics is another type of hybrid solution. Many industrial vehicles have on-board hydraulic systems for example loader cranes or refuse compactors. Instead of using the diesel engine to power the hydraulics.

Solutions outdoor: Electric traction for mobile machinery
Solutions indoor: Drive units for indoor AGV, in-wheel-drive units
Power: < 50 kW per motor
Battery voltage: 24-96 V

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Solutions: Mild hybrid/ Power assist hybrid for diesel engines
Electric power: <57 kW
Battery voltage 24-96 V

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Solutions: e-pto, electric power take off, electrified on-board hydraulics
Pump Power: 0.5-50 kW
Battery voltage: 24-96 V

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Solutions: Components used in Regamotion systems
Motors: GSM and PMSM
Controllers: ACS motor controller
Battery: ESP Lithium NCA modules

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In focus: Save energy with electrified hydraulics

Using electrified hydraulics has many advantages – even in diesel-powered mobile machinery and vehicles. Opting for a vehicle with electrified hydraulics streamlines work and substantially reduces energy consumption, as the combustion engine no longer needs to generate energy that is ultimately wasted.

The inefficiency of traditional hydraulics powered by the vehicle’s combustion engine has long been known. Machines with this form of hydraulics experience significant energy losses because their hydraulic systems use a diesel-powered oil pump to create pressure and flow, resulting in large amounts of wasted energy.

The diesel engine constantly generates energy, which, when not used in active movements, is wasted. In a traditional system with a central pump, the pressure created needs to be high enough to satisfy the largest consumer in the hydraulic system, causing all other consumers to work at a higher pressure than necessary.

“Every case is unique, but we have decades of experience from different electrification projects that we can build on. We don’t need to start from scratch every time.”

Emil Vestman
Product Manager, Regamotion

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