ASM Motor

  • Rugged design for demanding environment
  • Small dimensions for easy fit
  • Customizable mechanical interface
  • Sin/Cos feedback and dual Sin/Cos feedback

ASM Motor

The ASM motors is a range of motors with continuous power levels ranging from 600 W to 2 kW that can operate on system voltages from 12V to 120V. The motors are suitable for most battery-powered electric vehicles, as they are designed for fly-by wire steering and accessory machine functions.

The ASM motors are designed to give high efficiency and can be adapted for different mechanical components and several combinations of motor and gearbox are already available. The motors are manufactured in small dimensions for easy fit in tight spaces. They also have a rugged design that can withstand harsh vehicle conditions and resist dust and water.

The ASM motors also have a versatile design that can be used in other low-voltage scenarios. The ASM motors are PMAC motors, which offer better stall torque, efficiency, and low speed performance compared to a BLDC-motor.

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System descriptions
Regamotion Electric drive
Regamotion Electro-hydraulic

Technical data

Power: 600-2150 W (S2 60 min)
System Voltage: 12-120V
Rated Torque: 2.0-11.0 Nm (S2 60 min)
Peak Torque: 5.2-27.3 Nm (S2 2 min)
Stack Length: 30-150 mm
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ASM Model
ASM 103: A = 91 mm
ASM 106: A = 121 mm
ASM 109: A = 151 mm
ASM 112: A = 181 mm
ASM 115: A = 115 mm

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