MIWD Motor in Wheel Drive Unit

  • Compact and powerful
  • Modular design
  • Stand-alone drive unit or system integration
  • Highly dynamic speed range

MIWD Motor in Wheel Drive Unit

MIWD is a compact motor in wheel drive unit for high wheel loads, ideal for AGV (Automated guided vehicles) and other electric vehicles. The compact and powerful drive unit minimize the space needed for installation inside the vehicle.

The modular design is available in different sizes and the drive unit can be equipped with a DC, AC or PM traction motor and is available with or without steering mechanism. Other design options are limit switches, mechanical stops, encoders, position sensors, electromagnetic brakes, wheels and more. The drive unit can be supplied as a stand-alone component or as a complete system with motor controller and necessary wiring.

MIWD is also available in a high-performance version with a highly dynamic speed range. With smooth operation down to 0,006 m/s and with a top speed of 1,4 m/s. Ideal for assembly lines or other applications where the vehicle is moving in between different speed zones, this design has proven its performance for many years in the automotive production industry.

An alternative solution for in wheel traction is a PMSM motor with planetary gearbox, read more on the product page: PMSM pancake motor with gearbox

Technical data

Traction Power: <7 kW
Wheel load: 200…3200 kg
Voltage: 24…48 VDC
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