RSM Motor

  • PMAC technology for superior efficiency
  • Reliable and high-quality motors with rugged design
  • Customizable interface, designed with pump applications in mind
  • Sin/Cos feedback

RSM Motor

The RSM is a range of motors that is optimized for system voltages from 24V to 96V and deliver power outputs from 5 to 16 kW. It is specially designed for hydraulic pump applications, which makes it suitable for most battery-powered electric or hybrid vehicles.

The RSM motors are designed and manufactured to deliver high quality and reliability. They have a rugged design that can withstand harsh vehicle conditions and resist dust and water.

The RSM motors also have a flexible interface that can adapt different mechanical components such as hydraulic pumps and other types of power transmission. The PMAC-motor design ensures flexibility and very high efficiency across various speed and torque levels.

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System descriptions
Regamotion Electric drive
Regamotion Hybrid
Regamotion Electro-hydraulic

Technical data

Power: 5-16 kW (S2 60 min)
System Voltage: 24-96 V
Rated Torque: 13-146 Nm (S2 2 min)
Stack Length: 60-240 mm
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RSM 170-60: A= 91 mm
RSM 170-120: A= 121 mm
RSM 170-170: A= 151 mm
RSM 170-200: A= 181 mm
RSM 170-240: A= 211 mm

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