Compact pressure transmitter for test benches

In test benches the aim is to record highly dynamic pressure curves for analyze of ex. opening and closing of valves, explosive pressure expansions or other pressure peaks in the system. These tests require a robust, dynamic and highly accurate pressure transmitter to provide reliable results over long periods of time. Piezoelectric or piezoresistive sensors are often used for measuring highly dynamic pressure curves, these technologies offer many advantages and are well suited for the task, however they are vulnerable to zero-point drift.


Trafag pressure transmitters uses thin-film-on-steel sensors, these sensors have excellent long-term stability and are the given choice for industrial and mobile applications. However, for highly dynamic pressure measurement thin-film-on-steel sensors require more sophisticated evaluation electronics and this is often a fall back. To solve this Trafag has developed an ASIC (Application specific integrated circuit) tailored for Trafag sensor technology with specific amplifiers and filters. The combination of thin-film-on-steel sensors and a specific ASIC creates a high-speed pressure transmitter with excellent long-term stability.

CMP 8270

NAH 8254 20 kHz has a cut-off frequency up to 20 kHz and a rise time of 18 µs (10 … 90 % nominal pressure) with ± 0.3 % FS typ. accuracy. NAH 8254 20 kHz is based on the same hardware as the other pressure transmitters in the NAx-series. This is a very robust and very compact pressure transmitter specifically designed for high-speed measurement.

CANopen pressure transmitter offers other advantages for test bench applications with comprehensive CANopen functionality that can be customized and parametrized to the specific installation thus making the data acquisition easy, accurate and tailored to the application’s test and measurement targets. Pressure transmitter CMP 8270 is proven in many stationary and mobile test applications with its accuracy of 0.1% and transmission frequency of 1 kHz. Trafag sensor technology with CiA-certified CANopen bus protocol promises a versatile and robust pressure transmitter with a compact design.

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