Trafag - Electronic Pressure Switch NAH 8254

  • Measuring accuracy 0.3 %
  • Completely welded steel sensor system without additional seals
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Optional: 5-fold overpressure resistance
  • Switching output 1 or 2 PNP transistors

Electronic Pressure Switch NAH 8254

The miniature pressure switch NAH 8254 are available with 1 or 2 switching outputs (PNP). The maximum switching current of 400 mA in total of both outputs is tolerable within the temperature range of -40..+85°C. Over the entire temperature range of -40..+125°C, the maximum switching current is 200 mA in total of both outputs.

The switching outputs include the functions hysteresis and window with the option normally open and normally closed. A delay time is provided for each switching output. For the 2nd switching output is a monitoring mode “Device Ready” available. In this mode the output changes the state if the device has successfully completed the start-up phase. In case of an error during operation the status will change back to the normal state.

The standard electrical connection for electronic pressure switches according to VDMA 24574-1 is the built in M12x1 connector. The accuracy 0,3% with temperature compensation and linearization is available. The miniature pressure switch are readily available in the pressure range 0..2,5 to 0..600 bar.

Technical Data

Measuring range 0…2.5 to 0…600 bar
Pressure connection G1/4” male, etc.
Sensor technology Thin film on steel
Protection rating IP67, IP68
Linearity ±0,3% FS
Connection M12x1
Material 1,4542/630
Output 1 PNP, 2 PNP
Media temperature -40…+125°C
Temperature range -40…+125°C
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