Trafag - Display Level Transmitter and Switch DLF 8980

  • Parameterization also via NFC-smartphone App (Android)
  • Display and electrical connection are independently rotatable 335°/343°
  • Analogue output switchable mA or V
  • Integrated datalogger
  • Measuring resolution 5, 10, 20 mm

Display Level Transmitter and Switch DLF 8980

The operating principle of the DLF 8980 is based on a chain of reed contacts arranged inside the measuring rod. The reed contacts are activated by a permanent magnet located within the float, which changes its height with the level of the media. A continuous float level instrument consists of one float moving along the whole stem length between the upper and lower stop. The position of the float is evaluated by the electronics to control the outputs accordingly.

Technical data

Accuracy Measuring resolution 5, 10, 20 mm
Material Brass and Spansil, AISI316 L, PP or PVDF or PVC
Technology Magnetic float with reed contacts
Measuring range max. 2000 mm
Output 4…20mA, 0…10 VDC, 0…5 VDC, 1…6 VDC, 1x PNP, 2x PNP
Media temperature up to -30°C…+105°C
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