Sensors used in maritime applications

Regal has decades of experience with maritime applications, the conditions at sea are harsh and requirements on the product there are high. You can find our position sensors and process sensors in various maritime applications, many have been used in daily operations for 10+ years.

Water jet propulsion
For example, Regasense RCL-cylinder sensors are used for pitch control in water jet propulsion systems. RCL cylinder sensors consist of a sensor probe and a control box. The sensor probe is inductive, a non-contact technology and the sensor probe contains only passive components. The sensor probe is mounted inside of a hydraulic cylinder, and the cylinders are mounted outboard i.e. operating in salt water. The control box is installed inbound, protected from the harsh outdoors. A cylinder sensor with separate sensor probe and control box is suitable for this application as only passive components that are well protected within the hydraulic cylinder is mounted outboard and the control box is mounted in a more controlled environment. This reduces need for maintenance and risk of component failure.


Our process sensors from Trafag are well recognized within the shipbuilding industry and used in a wide variety of applications. For example, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, thermostats and temperature transmitters are used in hydraulics for propeller propulsion. High levels of shocks, vibrations and the importance of reliability sets high requirements on long-term stability and durability. Our process transmitters and switches with shipbuilding certificates are designed with materials and solutions for excellent durability and minimal change in characteristics due to mechanical fatigue. For example, micro switches used in pressure switches and thermostats have a specially designed switch lever and switch components that minimize the risk of inaccurate switching due to vibrations or shock, and the thin-film-on-steel sensor used in pressure transmitters has been proven in use for decades with excellent long-term stability. Trafag develops the sensors inhouse and has an accredited calibration laboratory to ensure top tier quality.


Level measurement
The pressure transmitters can also be used as a level sensor by mounting the transmitter at the bottom of the tank or using a submersible pressure transmitter. This is suitable for large tanks where a traditional float level sensor is not feasible or when the tank is too narrow to accommodate a top mounted float sensor.

Salt water
Pressure transmitters with ceramic sensors and high-grade steel or titanium housing are used saltwater applications such as ballast water systems or RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems. This type of transmitter is also suitable in applications where the pressure transmitter is mounted outbound and exposed to the elements at sea.

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