DC-motors in hydropower plants

Safe operation of hydropower plants is critical in all situations, even during power outage. In case the plant loses power, the hatches must still be able to maneuver and regulate the flow of water. During a power outage the hatches are maneuvered by a battery powered system with 3-10 kW industrial DC motors. The design follows a “keep it simple”-principle with as few components as possible to avoid electronic failure in the event of, for example, a lightning strike. The advantage of industrial DC-motors is that no drive system is needed to run the motor, simply switch it on with a starting resistor and the motor is good to go.

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Regals knowledge of DC-motors go back to before the beginning of the company, our founder Anders Jonsson has worked with DC-motors his whole career, no wonder he is called Mr. Likström (Mr Direct current). We are carrying the legacy forward and are one of the few who still can supply industrial DC-motors, often with a customized design for retro-fit but industrial DC-motors also has its place in certain modern settings such as emergency operation.

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