Regal Foil Potentiometer

  • Flat design between 0.5 mm (PET) and 2.1 mm (Magnet)
  • Linear and radial designs
  • Excellent accuracy and linearity
  • Life cycle between 1 and 20 million operations
  • Temperature ranges of -40°C to +125°C
  • Sealed up to IP 65
  • Operation possible by hand, wiper, or magnet
  • Easily adapted to customer specific design

Regal Foil Potentiometer Sensofoil®

Sensofoil® membrane potentiometers by Regal, are ultra-flat and very accurate linear and rotary position sensors.

Sensofoil® offers flexibility through which a diverse range of solutions can be achieved. Due to its compositions, the ultra-flat design, and the easily adaptable features, Sensofoil can be conveniently integrated into existing applications.

With Sensofoil® the collector foil is always in place to function as electrical tap. A mechanical plunger in the form of a wiper or magnet forms the electricalcontact between the resistor track and collector (tap).

Sensofoil® is available in different types – precisely tailored for your individual needs:

  • Sensofoil® PET – The ultra flat membrane potentimeter for temperature ranges between -40°C to +55°C
  • Sensofoil® HYBRID – The longlife membrane potentiometer for high temperatures up to 105°C and vacuum-enabled operations
  • Sensofoil® MAGNET – The membrane potentiometer for non-contact operations via magnet
  • Sensofoil® FR4 – The membrane potentiometer for needs of alternative mounting or alternative connections
  • Sensofoil® MODULE – The modular membrane potentiometer solution for almost any customer application

Technical data

Technology Potentiometer
Protection rating IP42…IP54
Linearity 0.5…2.0% FS
Deflection Customizable
Resolution Infinite
Strokes Customizable
Output Voltage divider
Temperature range -40°C…+125ºC
Lifetime >3…>20 million cycles
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