Ship approval for level transmitter ECL 8439


We have finally received our MRC Certificate for the ECL 8439 level transmitter!

MRC stands for Mutual Recognition Certificate, often also referred to as MR TAC (Mutual Recognition Type Approval Certificate): One classification society evaluates the product and assesses the conformity with the respective specifications, and this organization also issues the MRC certificate.

This certificate is recognized by all major classification societies; ABS, BV, CCS, CRS, IRS, KR, LR, ClassNK, PRS, RINA & RS.


Configurable measuring ranges

The ECL 8439 offers optionally adjustable measuring ranges which can be easily be configured by non-experts. The adjustment of the measuring range via the SMI Sensor Master Interface and the Android app eases the commissioning for the actual installation including last-minute changes on the spot. Standard types can be individually adjusted, allowing a massive reduction of stock variety and complexity and fast availability for spare parts.

To download the app Sensor Master Communicator, please click here