Regasense® Cylinder Sensor PS6500

  • Pressure sealed header
  • Single or dual - Redundance
  • Regal-design
  • Priceworthy

Regasense® Cylinder Sensor PS6500

The PS6500 cylinder sensor is the fifth-generation in-cylinder position sensor designed for compact installation in various cylinder applications. Leveraging many years of experience with cylinder sensors, combined with innovative design and modern production technology, it delivers an unparalleled sensor at a very attractive price. The sensor header design comprises a glass to metal seal that offers excellent pressure withstanding abilities, with a burst pressure of >600 bar.

Equipped with a sensor element of conductive plastic, the PS6500 boasts advantages such as a long life and good linearity. The sensor can also be equipped with dual sensor elements, providing two independent output signals for extra safety and redundancy.

Installing cylinder sensors in your system or cylinder is an excellent method for achieving exact positioning in harsh environments. The sensor is designed to be resistent to external outer affects, such as shocks, and dirt. Its absolute analog output allows for easy connection to various types of measuring or steering systems and does not require a reset machine start or power off.

Additionally, the PS6500 cylinder sensor offers a solder-free option for quick and effortless installation. Read more about our solder free connector 6160.

The PS6500 is a part of the Regal Components Regasense® family of compact position sensors.


  • Pressure sealed header
  • Single or double element for redundancy
  • Regal header design
  • Cost-effective


Technical Data

Working pressure Max. 350 bar
Technology Potentiometer
Linearity ±2% FS
Repeatability < ±0.02%
Strokes 50…1000 mm
Output Voltage divider
Temperature range -40°C…+125°C
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