The New SenseAI Platform Revolutionizes Sensor Technology

In today’s world of advanced technology and automation, the need for high precision and reliability in machines and equipment is crucial to achieve efficient processes.

In this context, Regal Components introduces the SenseAI platform and its RSL51 sensor. It is a unique position sensor that offers high precision in determining the position of the piston rod in hydraulic cylinders. A solution suitable for a wide range of applications in marine, agricultural, forestry, and construction equipment. This non-contact cylinder sensor uses a combination of Hall effect technology and an innovative AI algorithm that interprets sensor data for optimized position determination. A combination that provides entirely new possibilities for accurate measurements and positioning of machinery.

SenseAI RSL51 cylinder sensor by Regal Components

The platform SenseAI’s first cylinder sensor with AI algorithm – RSL51

Measurement Technology

SenseAI RSL51 uses proven Hall effect technology to measure the magnetic field generated by the magnet placed inside the piston. As the magnet moves along the sensor tube, data is collected in three dimensions from the Hall sensors, which is then analyzed in a trained artificial neural network and finally presented as a position with an analogue voltage value. All within a thousandth of a second.

By training the sensor based on different conditions, we have created a sensor system that can provide a reliable position indication with high accuracy," says Erik Lejman, Project Manager, Regal Components.

Front loader that uses cylinder sensor - Regal Components SenseAI RSL51

SenseAI RSL51 cylinder sensor of stainless steel, can withstand a working pressure of 350 bar. A necessity for hydraulic systems in heavy machinery.

Robust and Durable

As is the case with Swedish design, Swedish engineering is recognized for its high quality, functionality, and simplicity. SenseAI RSL51 is no exception. Thanks to the position sensor being non-contact, the risk of damage and wear is reduced. With its stainless-steel design, it can withstand a working pressure of 350 bar, a necessity for hydraulic systems in heavy machinery and industrial applications.

When we designed the sensor, the goal was not only to have a position measurement of the highest quality, but also to ensure it was reliable and easy to install. By using well-proven components and reducing their number with the help of machine learning, we have decreased the risk of component failure and achieved a more reliable product. By integrating all the electronics into the sensor chassis, we have developed a streamlined system where the sensor cable from the cylinder can be connected directly to the customer's ECU without the need for an external signal processing box, says Erik Lejman.

Another important parameter is that the SenseAI RSL51 has a small dead zone, which means that the total mechanical installation length is very close to the active stroke length of the hydraulic cylinder. This, in turn, allows you as a customer to reduce the amount of material in your cylinder and design it more compactly. This saves both material costs and the Earth’s resources. It is also easy to disassemble into its components and recycle when the time comes.

With Customer Benefits in Focus

With more than 30 years of experience and insights from various industries and applications, Regal Components has gathered knowledge and identified the challenges and requirements our customers face daily regarding the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders and the installation of sensors in them.

For us, it is natural to listen to customers' wishes and needs and develop our products accordingly. With their input, we can create solutions that offer greater added value for users. The innovative measurement technology and robustness are two important parameters. Simplicity is another. That's why this sensor is also designed in the Regasense→ family's popular compact size for easy and efficient installation. "They are also easy for us to calibrate to fit different specific cylinder lengths," says Anders Jonsson, CEO, Regal Components.

The fact that SenseAI RSL51 is mechanically backwards compatible with Regal Components’ other compact and popular sensors in the Regasense®  family enables a simple replacement in existing cylinders. As a positive effect, this innovative sensor is also developed to be able to add new and future signal functions, thus meeting new challenges without the need to modify or replace existing cylinders.

Yacht/boat using cylinder sensor - Regal Components SenseAI RSL51

The SenseAI RSL51 cylinder sensor has a compact design and small deadzone.

A New Member of Regasense®

SenseAI RSL51, developed and manufactured in Sweden, is a new member of our Regasense® family, Regal Components’ own-produced cylinder sensors. With product development and production in our own facilities, we have the ability to develop customized sensors for series production. Having all the expertise and inventory in Sweden also means that lead times and transportation are short.

SenseAI, our latest brand, represents a platform that integrates robust products loaded with advanced AI technology. The RSL51 cylinder sensor is a shining example of this fusion of AI and practical design.

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