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SenseAI RSL51 Cylinder Sensor

SenseAI RSL51 - New Intelligent Cylinder Sensor with AI Technology

Regal Components is proud to reveal the latest advancement in sensor technology: the SenseAI RSL51 cylinder sensor. As the newest addition to the valued Regasense® family, the SenseAI RSL51 stands out with its non-contact, built-in design, perfect for integration into cylinders with smaller diameters. This design philosophy applies across the entire Regasense® compact sensor range, highlighting long lifetime and safety.

Welcome to the future, where precision is not just a measurement; it is intelligent adaptation. Regal Components is revolutionizing cylinder sensing with the new SenseAI platform and the RSL51's ability to manage various magnetic variations.

Machine-Learning Algorithm: A Leap Forward in Magnet Detection

Developed with an innovative machine-learning algorithm for improved magnet detection accuracy, the SenseAI RSL51 represents the most innovated sensor within Regal Components’ portfolio. Its patented design maximizes the distance between integrated sensor elements, minimizes component usage and increases resource efficiency – while reducing the risk of errors.

Advanced Embedded Software for Precision Monitoring

The SenseAI RSL51 holds advanced embedded software capable of identifying and alerting to any deviations outside the expected sensor data range. This non-contact sensor seamlessly integrates all necessary electronics, eliminating the need for any additional or external electronic devices.

Incorporating proven standard components, the SenseAI RSL51 ensures reliable availability and compatibility with future developments. Mechanical backward compatibility with Regal Components’ previous sensor series, is a verification to its flexible design.

Thanks to advanced technology, giving the SenseAI RSL51 its robustness, rapid response, and flexibility. Its non-contact compact design features fewer components, saving resources and ensuring high reliability. Experience the next level of precision—a step toward perfection.

Robust and Responsive: The Hall Effect Technology Advantage

Thanks to its AI-enhanced design based on Hall effect technology, the SenseAI RSL51 offers robustness, high reliability, rapid response times, and adaptability to various applications within marine, agriculture, forestry, and construction equipment.

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Celebrating Swedish Innovation

The sensor has been developed with over 30 years of collective experience in cylinder sensor design. SenseAI RSL 51 is internationally patented and manufactured in Sweden and is not only a product of superior engineering but also a symbol of Swedish innovation.

SenseAI, our newest brand, represents a platform that integrates products imbued with advanced AI technology. The RSL51 cylinder sensor is a shining example of this fusion of AI and practical design.

Main Features of the SenseAI RSL51

  • Non-contact technology
  • AI-embedded software
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install
  • Made in Sweden
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30 Years of Experience in Position Sensors

At Regal Components, we have more than 30 years of experience of position sensors in various forms. We offer product and system solutions within sensors and transducers as well as electric drive systems and help machine manufacturers find the right solution and the right combination of customized products.

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