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Regasense® is the trademark of Regal Component position sensors.

We strive for simplicity with smarter technical solutions within the areas of sensor solutions and e-mobility. You rarely see our products, our technology is embedded in machines and vehicles. Our solutions are used in applications that face demanding challenges every day and for many years such as outdoor environment during all seasons, withstanding vibrations, shocks, moisture and temperature changes. It is critical that our products are safe, effective, user friendly and profitable for all parties. A challenge we gladly embrace.


Regasense® is the trademark of Regal Component position sensors. It started with potentiometric cylinder sensors in the 1980’s, the first two generations PS6100 and PS6200 is no longer in production. But the third generation PS6300 is still a popular product and the production is not slowing down. Since then more cylinder sensors have been designed and added to the product range, as well as other types of position sensors such as rotary sensors and linear sensors.

Some Regasense® sensors can be found on our product pages, but many are developed as custom solutions for different customers. With in-house product development and production we have the capability to design and manufacture custom design sensors and transducers


Sensor technologies

Our sensors are based on different technologies depending on intended use.

Potentiometers with conductive plastic is a cost effective and simple technology. Suitable for cost sensitive products, in applications where other electronic devices fail such as high temperature. Potentiometers are also very easy to use. Potentiometers are available as cylinder sensors, linear sensor and rotary sensors.

Hall effect technology is used in both rotary sensors and linear sensors. Hall effect sensors offers very versatile and robust solutions. Often used in industrial vehicles such as forest machinery, forklifts, loaders, mobile cranes etc. Many of our custom design sensors are based on hall effect and comes with a wide range of electronic and mechanical features.

In cylinder sensors we also use inductive technology and magnetostrictive technology. Inductive cylinder sensors have a compact design with small dead zones, meaning that the total mechanical length is close to the active electrical stroke and the sensor probe has an operating temperature of -40 C to 155 C. Magnetostrictive cylinder sensors are available in a wide range of mechanical and electrical specifications and have a very long life-time and excellent measuring accuracy.

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