Regasense® GY-mini

Main features:

  • Pressure sealed
  • Non-contact techonology
  • Regal design - compact dimensions

Regasense® GY-mini

GY-mini is a compact magnetostrictive sensor with similar dimensions as the other Regasense-sensors such as PS6500, PS6300 and RCL. It has an external control box that can be mounted up to 20 m from the sensor, the sensor probe has no active electronics hence a very robust design.

Magnetostrictive sensors are ”non-contact” with excellent accuracy, reliability and life time.

Technical data

Working pressure 350 bar
Technology Magnetostrictive
Linearity <±0.05% FS
Resolution ~56 μm or <0.01% FS
Repeatability < ±0.01% FS
Strokes 50…2000 mm
Material Sensor: SS304
Supply voltage 24 VDC ±2
Output 0…10V | 4…20mA
Temperature range -20°C…+80°C
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