Cylinder Sensor GYcAT4

  • Non-contact technology
  • Good lifetime

Cylinder Sensor GYcAT4

GYcAT4 is the replacement model for GYLT.
GYcAT4 has identical dimensions as its predecessor, making it easy to mount in present GYLT applications.

GYcAT4 is a very robust linear sensor for use in all type of environments and applications. With its magnetostrictive technique it offers precise and reliable use over a extreme long life time. Stroke lengths are offered up to 3500 mm.
The compact integrated electronics gives the best flexibility when designing the cylinder.

By using a special float in stainless steel it is also possible to use GYcAT4 for lever measurement i fluids

Technical data

Technology Magnetostrictive
Measuring range 15…3500 mm
Linearity ±0,05% FS
Resolution 0.01% FS
Strokes 15…3500 mm
Material Stainless steel / Aluminium
Temperature stability 40 ppm FS/ºC
Supply voltage 24 VDC ±2 (100mA)
Output 0…10V | 4…20mA
Temperature range -20°C…+80ºC
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