Rotary sensor TCW4

  • Modular design
  • Absolute multi-turn
  • Turn-count memory
  • IP67 (IP69K option)

Rotary Sensor TCW4

TCW4 is a modular angular position sensor, modular hall effect sensor has a separate sensor housing and magnet holder. This design offer a very compact and flexible solution and with a molded sensor housing with no moving part the design is robust with IP67 protection (IP69K option).

TCW4 is a multi-turn rotary encoder with turn-count memory backup, the sensor will remember the turn-count even when the supply voltage is turned off. The resolution is 12 bit per turn and turn-count up to 16 bit.

Wide range of output options: analog, ratiometric, CANopen, PWM and SSI.

Products in the same modular-design range

  • ACW4 – Absolute single turn
  • HCW4 – Incremental encoder
  • TCW4 – Analog absolute multi-turn sensor

The modular rotary sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications such as forestry and agricultural machinery, forklifts and AGV’s, construction machinery and many more.

Technical data

Technology Hall-Effect
Linearity ±0.3% FS
Deflection Ex. 3600°
Resolution 12 bit
Repeatability ±0,1 %
Supply voltage 5V
Output 0…10V | 0,5…4,5V | ratiometric | 4…20mA | 0…20mA
Temperature range -20°C…+ 85°C
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