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The Best Position Sensor for Winter Conditions: Combat Condensation

As winter conditions present unique challenges for equipment and machinery, particularly with issues like condensation, choosing the right position sensor is crucial for smooth operation.

Winter conditions put equipment and machinery through numerous challenges; one such challenge is condensation. In vehicles that transition between cold and warm temperatures, condensation can become particularly problematic. Examples include:

  • Forklifts moving in and out of cold storage.
  • Loaders transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Outdoor machinery, which heats up during operation and cools down when turned off.

Condensation is an omnipresent issue under these circumstances.

The shift in temperature can cause warm air to condense inside the equipment when the temperature plummets, leading to potential issues such as short-circuits, corrosion, freeze damage, mechanical failures, etc.

Key Consideration for Selecting Position Sensors

When selecting a position sensor for winter conditions, it is important to consider the following:

  • The specified temperature range.
  • The sealing properties of the sensor.
  • The method of mounting the sensor within the machinery.

One effective method is to use a sealed sensor with electronics that are encapsulated in epoxy. In such a design, there are no air-filled cavities within the sensor, effectively eliminating the risk of condensation. This approach is commonly employed in rotary sensors.

For linear measurements, cylinder sensors can be an excellent option. A cylinder sensor is sealed within a hydraulic cylinder and is protected from condensation by both the cylinder and the hydraulic fluid.

Sensors must operate reliably within the specific temperature range they will encounter. Winter conditions can include extremely low temperatures that could cause a sensor not rated for such conditions to fail, provide inaccurate readings, or perform slowly.


To ensure the longevity and reliability of equipment and machinery, especially during vinter, it is vital to consider condensation. Choose a position sensor adapted to wintercondition, to avoid the risks associated with condensation and temperature range.

At Regal Components, we have extensive experience with these types of applications and offer a variety of options for managing condensation, depending on the sensor type.

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