Rotary Encoder HHM3

  • Magnetic technology (hall-effect)
  • Resolution 1024 ppr
  • An alternative to optical encoders

Rotary Encoder HHM3

Rotary sensor with halleffect and very robust, shaft with ball bearings. Incremental magnetic encoder, 30mm size and a 6mm solid shaft.

Application fields – agriculture, construction, forestry vehicles, medical applications, solar panels.

Output is standard A,B and index 1024 pulses. A robust alternative to optical encoders. Power supply 5 VDC eller 5-30 VDC. IP67/IP69K.

Technical data

Technology Hall-Effect
Housing Aluminium
Shaft Stainless steel
Deflection 360°
Resolution 1024 ppr
Supply voltage 5V
Output A, B, index, 1024 pulses
Temperature range -40°C…+100°C (125°C)
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