Suchy Temperature Gauge

  • Straight or angled pressure connection
  • Option in stainless steel
  • Custom versions available

Temperature Gauge TM-20 series

TM-20 and -25 are machine thermometers for temperatures ranging from -30°C…+50°C up to 0…200°C with accuracy class 1.0 according to DIN 16185 and 16186.

TM-20 has a bottom mounted pressure connection and TM-25 has an 90° backwards angled connection, both models have a G1/2” connection.

The housing is 150 mm long as standard, but a 200 mm option is available.

The standard option is housing in anodized aluminum with a brass probe, but the 200 mm version is available in stainless steel.

Technical data

Material Aluminum & brass, stainless steel
Technology Capillary tube
Accuaracy CL1.0 (Class 1)
Temperature range -30…50 °C to 0…200 °C
Connetion G 1/2″
Housing sizes 150, 200 mm
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