Suchy Pressure Gauge

  • With or without glycerine filling
  • Pressure gauge for vacuum
  • Wide range of options

Pressure Gauge MR-20 series

Pressure gauges in the MR-20 series are available in 63 mm size with accuracy class 1.6 and 100 mm and 160 mm size with accuracy class 1.0 according to DIN EN 837-1, and available with or without glycerine filling.

The bourdon tube pressure gauges are available in pressure ranges from -1…0 bar up to 0…1600 bar. The measuring system is a copper ally for pressures <40 bar, and stainless steel for higher pressures.

Ø 63 mm size has a G1/4” pressure connection and Ø100 mm and Ø160 mm have G1/2”, all are available bottom mounted or back mounted.

The MR-20 series are available with a wide range of options, see datasheet for complete information.

Technical data

Material Stainless steel / Copper alloy
Technology Bourdon tube
Pressure range -1…0 bar to 0…1600 bar
Ambient temperature -25°C…+60°C
Medium temperature -20°C…+80°C
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