PMSM Motor

  • Compact design
  • Excellent weight/performance ratio
  • Reliable and maintenance free design
  • Can be fitted with compact gearbox

PMSM Motor

The PMSM is a permanent magnet brushless DC motor based on axial flux technology. The motor type is commonly referred to as “pancake motor” because of its flat design.

Compared to a traditional induction motor the weight is lower and the efficiency is higher which means you can run your system longer and with less heating of the motor. The motor type also opens up for new applications where you cannot fit a larger motor.

The PMSM can be fitted with a compact planetary gearbox for an in-wheel traction solution and is available in both air- and water-cooled versions.

PMSM can be used as traction motor in various mobile machinery within agriculture, material handling, earthmoving machinery etc. It can also act as an generator in various electric hybrid systems.

System descriptions
Regamotion Electric drive
Regamotion Hybrid
Regamotion Electro-hydraulic

Technical Data

Rated Power: <2,0…<8 kW (S1)
Max. Power: <5,3…<16,5 kW
System Voltage 24-96 V
Acc. Torque: <18,8…<59,7 Nm
Nominal Torque: <5,41…<17,5 Nm
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PMSM 130: AJ=217 mm, AC1=Ø194 mm, L2=124 mm
PMSM 150: AJ=241 mm, AC1=Ø216 mm, L2=126 mm
PMSM 170: AJ=269 mm, AC1=Ø242 mm, L2=145 mm

Please find further details in the datasheet, as well as drawings with gear.

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