GSM Motor / Generator

  • PMAC technology for highest possible efficiency
  • Reliable and maintenance free design
  • Integrated sensors for rotor position and temperature for control and supervision

GSM Motor / Generator

The GSM is a family of permanent magnet synchronous AC motors’/generator with continuous power levels from 14kW to 24kW developed primarily for use in battery electric and hybrid applications with nominal battery voltages between 24V and 96V.

GSM is used in many Regamotion systems for electric propulsion and electro-hydraulics, it’s a versatile and robust motor.

The GSM combined with the ACS motor controller forms a complete generator package, with built-in DC-voltage control, speed control and cranking functionality. Either as a stand-alone system or integrated into a larger system through CANopen (optional j1939) or through i/o-control.

GSM is designed to fit a SAE 5 flywheel housing with optional SAE J744 hydraulic pump interface at the rear cover.

System descriptions
Regamotion Electric drive
Regamotion Hybrid
Regamotion Electro-hydraulic

Technical Data

Rated Power: 14-24 kW (S2 60 min)
Max. Power: 32-57 kW
System Voltage 24-96 V
Cranking Torque: 115-230 Nm
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GSM 306: A=135.8 mm, B=102.5 mm
GSM 307: A=165.8 mm, B=132.5 mm
GSM 308: A=195.8 mm, B=162.5 mm

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