ESP Energy Storage Platform

  • Modular
  • Min. 3000 life cycles
  • Reliable and maintenance free design
  • CANbus integration

ESP Energy Storage Platform

The ESP battery system is a complete energy storage system for battery electric vehicles and other e-mobility applications. The modular system is based on Samsung Lithium NCA cells with 3.7 V nominal voltage.

The 3.7 V modules are individually packaged in shock and vibration proof IP65 housing. The packaging makes them an ideal choice for battery electric vehicles and mobile machinery. The modules have a minimum of 3000 charge-discharge cycles before the batteries reach 80% of its original capacity.

System descriptions
Regamotion Electric drive
Regamotion Hybrid
Regamotion Electro-hydraulic

Technical data

Nominal voltage (module) 3.7 V
Operating temperature -25°C…60°C
Charging temperature 0°C…55°C
Vibration 5-500 Hz, 2g RMS
Shock 30g, 6ms
Ingression protection IP 65
Life cycles (to 80% capacity) Min. 3000
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Battery Management

More than just a battery

Battery management and monitoring is based on CANbus which allows for straight forward integration with consumers and producers in the system ex. motors and generators.

The battery management continuously monitor a vast amount of parameters to ensure that the system operation is optimal. The data is stored and can be exported for performance analysis of a entire fleet or an individual machine.

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