Inductive technology

There are many types of inductive sensor types. We are only working with sensors that give continuous output along the stroke. The inductive technique uses the change of the inductance in a coil when a metal core or a “screen tube” is pushed through/over. With this as a base, several versions are built to achieve different effects.

The technique is contact less which gives minimal wear as the moving parts has no contact to each other. The inductive linear sensor series from Regal, RCL40 and RCL41 are designed to give easy mounting in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. We have also kept in mind to design it almost interchangeable with our still successful PS6300, which has been very appreciated by our customers.

It is also one of the sensors on the market that uses smallest space in a cylinder. In addition to the coil there is a controller unit needed. A big difference with our inductive types is that our controller unit can be placed far away from the sensor, up to 50 metres if needed.