Pressure transmitter FPT 8236

Main features:

  • Flush and smooth membrane
  • Corrosion resistant Duplex steel 1.4662
  • Wide range of analog outputs
  • Excellent long-term stability

Pressure transmitter FPT 8236

The FPT 8236 pressure transmitter features a flush and smooth membrane mede of Duplex steel 1.4462. The pressure transmitter holds Trafag’s thin film on steel sensor, known for its excellent long-term stability. FPT 8236 is a good option for fluids with high viscosity, slurry or other applications where is risk of clogging the pressure connection on a regular pressure transmitter. FPT is also suitable for water or applications where cleanliness is important.

Technical data

Application Flush membrane
Accuracy ±0.5% FS typ.
Measuring range -0.5…0.5 to 0…100 bar
Pressure connection G1/2” male flush membrane
Sensor technology Thin-film-on-steel
Protection rating IP65, IP67, IP68
Connection DIN, M12, Packard Metri Pack, cable
Output 4…20 mA, VDC (different options), ratiometric
Media temperature -10°C…125°C
Temperature range -10°C…125°C
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FPT 8236 -Product video

Product video

Watch the product video of FPT 8236 pressure transmitter.

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