Pressure transmitter ECL 8439, Submersible


  • Suitable for thick and viscous media
  • Different materials for optimum media compatibility
  • Lighting protection integrated
  • Configurable measuring ranges

Pressure transmitter ECL 8439, Submersible

The new ECL 8439 submersible pressure transmitter is the ideal choice for reliable and cost-effective level measurement in applications with drinking water, grey water and sewage water, oils and fuels, seawater and many more. The robust ceramic sensing element of Trafag’s own production and the high-performance electronics based on the Trafag ASIC allow accurate measurement even under harsh conditions. The electronics complies with EMC standards EN/IEC 61000-6 and features an integrated lighting protection as standard. The optionally configurable pressure ranges can be adapted individually via interface tool and smartphone App.


  • Process technology
  • Water treatment (wastewater, grey-water, drinking water)
  • Seawater
  • Level of oils and fuels
  • Shipbuilding

Technical data

Application Shipbuilding, Process technology, Water treatment (wastewater, grey-water, drinking water), Seawater, Level of oils and fuels
Accuracy ±0,5%, ±0,3% FS
Material AISI316L, 1.4462
Technology Hydrostatic pressure
Measuring range 0…0.01 till 0…2 bar
Pressure connection
Sensor technology Thick-film-on-ceramic
Protection rating IP68
Connection Cable PUR/Radox/PE
Output 4…20 mA
Media temperature -25…+70°C
Temperature range -25…+70°C
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