Temperature - Cable sensor


  • Sensor Pt100, and Pt1000
  • Process attachment: thermowell or adjustable coupling
  • Outer protective sheath: stainless acid-proof steel
  • Withstands vibrations
  • Measuring inset: Fixed
  • Approved by: GOST and GOST Metrology

Temperature - Cable sensor

All-purpose cable sensor for measuring of temperatures in pipelines and containers, mounted in immersion wells, on the outside of pipelines, in gaes and in machinery, e.g. in connection with bearings.

Technical data

A DIN | B 1/1 DIN | B 1/3 DIN | B 1/6 DIN | B 1/10 DIN
Ø6 | special
Material Stainless steel 1.4571 (standard element)
Process attachment 1/4” | 1/2” | 3/4” BSP
Number of conductors 2-, 3-, 4-threads
Rod lenght 60 mm | special
Sensor technology PT100 | Pt1000
Protection rating IP54, IP67
Media temperature -50/+180°C, -50/+250°C
Type J (Fe-CuNi) max. +800°C
Type K (NiCr-Ni) max.+1200°C
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