Linear Sensor KTC, KTF, KTP

  • Good quality/price ratio
  • Robust design
  • Option: 4-20 mA

Linear Sensor KTC, KTF, KTP

Potentiometric transducer with conductive track suitable for measurment, monitoring and control of mechanical strokes. Critical in providing a smooth output, mechanically dependent on the stable glide of the shaft and wiper on the elements surface. Applications such as industrial controls, robotics, process systems or replacement of a linear voltage differential transformer (LVDT) are ideal uses for this versatile, reliable model.

Also available with integrated signal converter with 4-20 mA output.

Technical data

Technology Potentiometer
Protection rating IP55
Housing Aluminium
Rod Stainless steel
Linearity ±0.07% FS
Resolution infinite
Repeatability < 0.013 mm
Strokes 75…1000 mm
Output Voltage divider | 4…20 mA
Temperature range -55°C…+125°C
-40°C…+85°C (4…20mA signal)
Lifetime 100 million cycles
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