Linear Sensor 9600-series

  • Small
  • Suitable for installation
  • Return spring

Linear Sensor 9600-series

Designed for a variety of miniature-sized accurate position feedback applications, the Duncan 9600 Series Linear Position Sensor Module is ideally suited for use where reliability in a harsh operating environment is a primary consideration.

Use in industrial, vehicular, appliance, machine tool, and robotic applications is benefited by the units features that include high temperature-stable materials, solderable terminal tabs suitable for use with 2,8 mm PDQ styled crimped wiring lugs, and a durable spring-loaded design to returns shaft to extended position.

The 9600 Series is available in three standard strokes and provides excellent long life (up to 5 000 000 cycles); resistance, voltage and linearity characteristics.

Technical data

Technology Potentiometer
Housing Composite plastic
Linearity ±1.0% FS
Resolution Infinite
Repeatability Within 0,013 mm
Strokes 12…38 mm
Output Voltage divider
Temperature range -40°C…+135°C
Lifetime > 5 million cycles
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