CANopen pressure transmitter

New CANopen pressure transmitter for OEM

The new CMP 8271 from Trafag is a pressure transmitter with CANopen designed for mobile hydraulics and other OEM solutions. CMP 8271 is based on the same technology platform as the analog pressure transmitters in the NAx-series (NAT, NAH, NAE etc) that have been proven in use for many years in demanding applications such as mobile hydraulics. The technology platform is developed for streamlined high-volume production thus a cost-effective pressure transmitter.

CMP 8271 has the same compact housing as the other pressure transmitters in the NAx-series and has 3x overpressure as standard and 5x overpressure as option. Available with two accuracy options ± 0.5 % and ± 0.3 %, in pressure ranges from 0-2,5 bar to 0-700 bar

With this new addition there are two options of compact CANopen pressure transmitters:
CMP 8270 High performance transmitter with extensive options and CANopen functionality.
CMP 8271 Designed for OEM production volumes in mobile hydraulics and general industrial use.