Introducing not one, but two new cylinder sensors!

We are happy to announce that we have two new magnetostrictive cylinder sensors in our portfolio. GYPS and GYPD have integrated electronics with a wide range of analog outputs and PWM. Both sensors have high accuracy and a very robust design with stainless steel housing and IP67 ingress protection.

GYPS and GYPD are based on the reliable sensor technology used in the other position sensors in the GY-product family. The GY-sensors has been proven in the field and are known for its reliable operation.

GYPS has a commonly known header design with 48 mm diameter, hence compatible with many cylinder designs. It’s available in stroke lengths up to 2400 mm with a pigtail cable connector or with M12 flange connector.

GYPD is a compact cylinder sensor for cylinders where small size is key. It’s available in stroke lengths up to 1000 mm and with a sampling frequency up to 4 kHz it’s a very fast sensor.

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