Introducing pressure transmitters with IO-link

IO_link pressure transmitters

FPI 8237 top left and NAI 8273 bottom right

Two pressure transmitters with IO-link will be launched later this year and 1st quarter of 2023. The pressure transmitters are based on Trafags well-tried sensor technology, that have been proven in use for many years.

NAI 8273 is the newest member of the popular series of compact pressure transmitter (NAT, NHT, CMP, et al.). NAI has excellent long-term stability and is available with 5x overpressure thanks to the welded stainless steel sensor without internal o-ring. NAI has in addition to IO-link output, a switching output option with configurable PNP and NPN polarity, hence acting as a pressure switch as well. With the switching option is NAI compatible with the other electronic pressure switches in the same product family.

FPI 8237 features a flush and smooth membrane made of Duplex steel 1.4462, making it ideal for fluids with high viscosity, slurry or other applications where is risk of clogging the pressure connection on a regular pressure transmitter.

Samples are available, if you want to know more, please contact Maximilian Grudin.

Or have a sneak peek in the preliminary data sheets:

NAI: NAI 8273 Preliminary data sheet

FPI: FPI 8237 Preliminary data sheet