Forestry Machines

Today one of the customers for the Regasense® PS6500-serien is Rottne Industri AB, one of the leaders within forestry machinery. During over 10 years we have equipped the cylinders for their Comfort Line system. This give the driver a very good working environment. By leveling the cab, the driver gets an even and comfortable working position despite uneven and difficult terrain.


Regasense sensors can also be used in articulated steering in forrest machinery or similar vehicles. Articulated steering is a system that allows the rear of the vehicle to follow the tracks of the front, making the vehicle more agile, easier to maneuver and more gentle on the ground.

Positioning of articulated steering can be achieved with different sensor solutions depending on the application specific needs. One solution is to use an angle sensor or rotary sensor at the vertical hinge, this is a simple and cost-effective solution. However, in some cases there is a lot of environmental stresses such as snow, rain, dirt and even stones or other debris thrown in the area. Then a cylinder sensor in the hydraulic cylinder that connect the front and rear a good option. The sensor is well protected in the cylinder and forms a very robust solution.