• Configuration of Trafags pressure transmitter CMP 8270 via USB
  • Easy to use visual user interface
  • Integrated datalogger
  • Complete set availabe
  • System requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, USB 2.0 or higher

CAN2USB CANopen Configuration Tool

Configuration of CANopen devices is hard for non-experts. Most available software is developed for experts with much background knowledge and experience in programming such devices. Neither the software user interface nor the interface hardware, such as plugs and adapters, are designed for occasional users. The CMP CANopen Configuration tool, developed and produced for Trafag CMP 8270 CANopen pressure transmitter, is the perfect solution for this: Easy-to-use software interface and a USB-to-CANopen dongle. It allows configuration of all CANopen parameters and access to the complete object dictionary. Live display of the actual measurements of pressure and temperature and an integrated logger with export function offers easy monitoring of the CANopen bus communication.

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